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The Torture Memo Author You’ve Never Heard Of

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Post at TPMMuckraker revealing yet another author of the Yoo torture memos. Turns out she was something of an underling at OCL, just 2 years out of law school (the first year spent clerking for Justice Thomas). She’s now a partner at a D.C. law firm. I don’t find this news in particular very surprising or even very relevant; but keeping these memos in the news seems essential. The torture and illegal detention of “unlawful combatants” at Gitmo is something that makes me physically ill, as well as tremendously ashamed. I frequently consider going to D.C. and chaining myself to something to try to highlight this shameful and for all we know ongoing state-sponsored terrorism. But I always realize that no one would give a shite. Scalia actually quoted (or at least cited) Jack Bauer and 24 in a fucking Supreme Court decision. News Flash: Jack Bauer is not a real person, much less a hero. 24 is a contrivance written and produced to make millions off of American fear. It might be extremely well produced, but that is still HOW it is produced. And it has interpolated the vast majority of Americans, who now no longer react with vehemence to unspeakable human rights abuses undertaken in their very names. TPM also provides a link to the DOJ’s report on Bush Administration Interrogation Memos.


Written by sticksinthehead

22 February 2010 at 8:37 pm

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