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So I was supposed to go to DC today to walk the last mile of Melanie’s March, but didn’t because a) I’m living on spare change, and b) my friends in DC were 1-in NYC and 2-working until 9pm. I suppose this decision “allowed” me to sleep 13-14 hours (fuck!). So, late start, I got some coffee and bagel with borrowed money and participated in MoveOn’s “virtual march”. I happen to think a virtual march is a rather stupid idea; that said, harnessing people’s energy to overwhelm senators’ fax machines and phone lines is not so stupid. And MoveOn/HCFAN/all the other participating orgs made it very easy to send lots of faxes. So I did the faxes and the phone calls, and then I burst into tears. Odd, for me.

Next up was my letter to grid magazine, which has just published a piece delighting in having local mushrooms to eat. It just so happens that I am going to a meeting tomorrow to support the Kaolin Workers Union, the only union of mushroom workers in PA. They are currently working without a contract. Anyway, I wrote to grid suggesting they might more thoroughly fulfill their mission if they looked beyond the table to the fields.

Then I shifted focus to my creation of a crafty/artsy envelope in which to send one of my best (soon to be married) mates and his fiance a letter. This is of course going to take far too long and will probably be finished just as I’m negotiating security on my way to the wedding. But hey, if it fill the days, it can’t be wrong.

I feel as if I’ve plateaued in the treatment(s). The bad and bad-ish days are still there, along with the fatigue, the over-sleeping, and pronounced cynicism — not so much about me, but about the human race…


Written by sticksinthehead

24 February 2010 at 7:23 pm

Posted in DIY, Labor, Politics

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