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more frustration with OPR report

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Just saw this Scott Horton piece from a few days ago. Horton points out Sen. Leahy’s obvious frustration with the OPR report, particularly with what is missing — the emails of Yoo and Philbin in the critical period — that of the “research” and composition of the torture memos. According to ADAG Grindler, these emails were deleted and unrecoverable. The notion that pressing delete actually deletes emails is of course farcical. As Horton points out, to be truly unrecoverable, hard drives would have had to be destroyed. At least Leahy seems to have a brain… he demanded that the OPR either get those emails or that he would subpoena them. Frankly I’m surprised that anyone in Congress actually has the will to smell the pungent scent of cover-up…


Written by sticksinthehead

28 February 2010 at 7:36 am

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