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The Breakdown: Torture

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With all due respect to Chris and Marcy Wheeler, I was a little disappointed with the podcast, mostly because they just didn’t have time to get into all the details, like Margolis’ weird claim that there has never been a clear definition of misconduct for government lawyers, or Leahy’s frustration at the “lost” emails. I hadn’t heard the analysis of Margolis as a career Justice employee, looking to protect his department. All in all, I just don’t think it was targeted at me, the already obsessive follower of the shame, the shame, and the coverup. And it probably did very well to clue some people in who are too busy with lives for my kind of guilt-ridden obsession…

Also annoying me is that I cannot remember where I read the meat of Scott Horton’s cover story on Gitmo homicides being covered up as suicides… it must have been in one of the countless books I’ve read. Not that it matters — Horton’s story will get a hell of a lot more attention than whatever book I read…


Written by sticksinthehead

28 February 2010 at 11:46 pm

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