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Pretty shitty day

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Finally slept last night — thanks to doubling my Seroquel dose. Of course, instead of 3-4 hours, I got 14. I suppose I can’t really complain about 14 hours of sleep, especially when it means so many fewer hours of awake. And what did I do today? Made a list of everything I need to build a cigar box guitar, worked on a package from Hector and Julia that likely will make no sense, went looking for a classic Philly t-shirt (unsuccessfully). Then took a bus, missed my stop, got off, relatively long walk home. All in all, felt like shit, despite my walk. Need to call the research coordinator tomorrow to set up an unscheduled visit…


Written by sticksinthehead

3 March 2010 at 10:21 pm

Posted in The Mind/Brain

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