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Feel like I haven’t posted in ages… Not much to report, went to see Johnny et al on Thursday, he upped my meds, Dr. Bhati fiddled with the sticks in my head. Feeling a little less hopeless, but now hungry all the time without enjoying food. Weird. Spent Saturday afternoon with my dad going to have THE SUIT altered. Went quite well I think. Then on to Lochlann’s house for dinner. The kids were quite amazing this weekend — full of games and giggles. Madeleine’s laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world. And she has a brilliant sense of humor — a real feel for the absurd. I managed to get two, count ’em, two kisses goodnight from her. Can’t ask for much more than that. My mum is on her way to Oz, hopefully to have a lovely visit with Breffni, Vince, Jo, Caz, and the boyos Declan and Brody. I feel terrible that I’ve still not even met Brody…

My trip to Ireland is looking great. Apparently my mum’s brother John has decided to take me down to Cork to meet my fabulous great-aunt Madoline. Would be brilliant if it happens.

All right, eyes are tired.
Rubbish post, but it’s all I’ve got at present.


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14 March 2010 at 8:30 pm

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