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Aonghas and the Vegetables

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Dedicated to Maddy, who demanded that I make up a story from scratch and then write it down…

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Aonghas. He loved to run and play. And he was also very clever.

Long ago, when Aonghas lived, mummies and daddies would send their children to live with wise men to receive an education. And so, Aonghas’ parents arranged for Aonghas to live with Schmigus Schmigal, one of the wisest men in the land.

The problem was, Schmigus Schmigal was deaf, and no matter how loudly Aonghas shouted, “I’m hungry! I’m hungry!” Schmigus Schmigal never heard him. Eventually, starving, Aonghas realized he was going to have to fend for himself. So he went into the forest and foraged for some vegetables. He found cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, and magic parsnips (of course Aonghas didn’t know they were magic). Aonghas gobbled up his vegetables, even though the broccoli and parsnips weren’t very nice raw. Then he set off back to Schmigus Schmigal and his camp. As he walked, he realized that the forest seemed to be shrinking.

When he got back to camp, it looked tiny, and a wee little Schmigus Schmigal was screaming, “A giant has come to eat me! A giant has come to eat me!” He ran, or rather tottered away, as fast as his old legs would carry him. He never heard Aonghas pleading, “Schmigus Schmigal, it’s only me, Aonghas! It’s only me!”

After Schmigus Schmigal had left, Aonghas became terribly lonely, and painfully homesick. “I just want to go home… to my mummy and daddy,” he whispered through his tears.

And so, Aonghas decided to go home. But he didn’t know the way very precisely. He strode out, through the forest, in the direction of home, until he became very tired. Aonghas looked around for somewhere to lie down, for he was far too big to lie down in the forest. At last he saw a pasture. He walked to it, lay down, and was asleep before he knew it. He was wakened early the next morning by the panicked shouting of frightened farmers. They wouldn’t listen to Aonghas.

So Aonghas went back on his way, not feeling very good about himself, and soon enough found himself desperately hungry. Once again he was able to forage carrots, cucumbers, parsnips, and magic cabbage. He ate and he ate and he ate, and then started again on his journey home.

Eventually, he made his way home to the house in which his mummy and daddy and brothers and sisters lived. He whispered, “Mummy? Daddy?”

Aonghas’ parents came outside and their mouths dropped open. Aonghas shook with fear that they wouldn’t recognize him, or that they would fear him.

“Aonghas, is that you behind all of that… hair?”

“Yes, mummy, it’s me!!!!”

Aonghas’ daddy gave him a warm smile, and said, “Well, we better get to work on a house for you, as you surely won’t fit into this one!”



Written by sticksinthehead

15 May 2010 at 8:40 pm

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  1. I am imagining the illustrations . . . LOL


    9 July 2010 at 12:16 pm

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