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Verdict: Chuck Norris kicked Germany’s ass

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Spain deserved to win. They dominated the entire game, and it is only fitting that Puyol (to whom I also refer as the scarred gorilla) put the ball emphatically in the back of the net. I watched the first half in a crowded bar waiting for John and a friend of his (Todd), surrounded by hetero-couples in which the gf was an idiot and the bf was also an idiot, but was taking great pride in “explaining” the game to her. J and T didn’t turn up, so I fled at halftime, preferring to watch the second half in the stifling heat of my living room. Turns out they had found a less crowded place, but I got the text too late…

The Germans seemed to respect the Spanish too much at the outset, and I don’t know what the frak was wrong with their first touches, but many were atrocious. Quite simply, outplayed and out-thought.

Watching the game, alone, in a fake Irish pub surrounded by wankers, had me feeling truly awful. Everyone was over-reacting to every play, loudly, and all I wanted was to be alone, away from this troublesome world.


Written by sticksinthehead

7 July 2010 at 6:27 pm

Posted in sport

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  1. The auld Espanoles are far too good at keeping the ball in the midfield, when push came to shove the Jarmens couldn’t get it off the silken fellas: Xavi, Alonso (who had a poor game by his standard), and Iniesta (who I think is worthy of any man-crush I have to give)

    I only hope that this isn’t lost on you Ciara, although there’s a strong possibility that one has to watch Irish TV to get the joke…but it has to be shared nonetheless!

    Don’t let the bastards get ya down

    Love from cousin Jack


    7 July 2010 at 7:22 pm

  2. You should’ve heard the eruption of car horns on the streets of Buenos Aires when Germany lost. Not a tribute to the skills of the Spanish team, of course, but an act of revenge! Next time come to watch the world cup here, where if you are too boisterous, you get kicked out of the room for bothering people who just want to watch the game in a painful state of nerves.


    8 July 2010 at 8:52 am

  3. Aaaaagh, WordPress is a PITA! The Germans looked their best in the close of the first half. Their collective touch seemed to return and they created some chances (hell, they created some chances even when the Spanish were playing keep away). The Spansih are lovely to watch until they get around the penalty box. From that point on, they seem to noodle a bit too much. What’s wrong with taking it to the line and crossing? You may score! Or at least get a corner! And what’s wrong with a regular corner? Drive the ball and let the strong tall guy head it! If they lose the final it will be because they get too cute.

    As for the wankersinthebar, well, they are everywhere. The wankers on the radio are terrible, too! If I hear one more idiot saying how good the US would be if Kobe played midfield I would scream. There have been about 2 “successful” guys that big, Crouch and Niall Quinn. And I can do without either, thankyouverymuch!


    9 July 2010 at 12:09 pm

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