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I picked up the key (only one key, hurrah!) to my new place this afternoon. Joe’s done a great job cleaning it up — it looks great, and there’s also an empty wardrobe that he said I could keep. The closet in the reading/art room is full of shelves (excellent). I haven’t seen John all day, which really bums me out.

Later I’m meeting up with Scott from Basekamp, a really cool arts organization in Philly. I cold-emailed him about volunteering and included in said email my mental history and current status. He wrote a lovely email back — empathetic without sympathy or condescension. I liked him immediately. This volunteer thing is one of my strategies for meeting new people who could possibly be friends. I’m no good at making friends. I think Brown was the only place I managed to do it with any ongoing success. Then again, at Brown, I was surrounded by brilliant weird people, many of whom (I’m guessing) had not had too many friends in high school. There are of course serious exceptions to this assumption, and it may be that I am projecting it entirely.

While I remember little about my time at Brown (zounds!), I do remember how amazing the beginning was. I was surrounded (not literally — if I remember correctly Dani and I lived next to some dolts) by brilliant, weird people who were all passionate about something, often not school. I thought to myself, “Holy shit, I’m home.” Never had I felt like a part of something or someones. The exhilaration was quite something.

So anyway, I’m hoping if I can hang with some unpretentious art people, maybe I can find brilliant weirdness…


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19 July 2010 at 5:41 pm

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