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Why do I keep losing things?

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Very annoying, the extreme form taken my my scatterbrain. I lose everything: wallet, pills, phone, et al. If it is important, I have at one point or another lost it. At present it is my wallet. I am hoping that it fell from my pocket underneath the seat of my mum’s car. Otherwise, a desperate search of the house will have to be undertaken, ending in failure and my exasperated collapse. Then my father will find it in 3-5 minutes. I hope. I’ve already lost my phone this weekend. I am convinced, as is my shrink, that this forgetfulness is not a result of my brain surgery, but rather symptomatic. The memory of putting something somewhere is never actually imprinted — a result of a lack of ability to focus or concentrate. So it’s not that I can’t remember, but that I never made the first steps to know…

One week and one day until the stitches come out. I cannot bloody wait, so that I can start lifting things and finally unpack and organize the new place.

Thinking of making my trip north the weekend after Angeline’s wedding (which is October 9). First to NYC, then on to Hamilton, or Utica and on somehow to Hamilton. I so miss John so.


Written by sticksinthehead

19 September 2010 at 8:36 pm

Posted in The Mind/Brain

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