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I thought it would lessen the pain in my ass, but I was wrong.

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So, yes, someone turned my wallet into the Downingtown police. That was good. I wonder how it got to Downingtown? Did the cash inside ($80 bucks) allow someone to get home and turn the rest in? Dunno. But I am still wracked with annoyance because Ikea has still failed to deliver my fucking bed. The assembly guys (from another company) called last week and said they were just heading over. I had to tell them not to come. Damn you and your particle-board ass.

Last weekend, however, was quite good, even though my scatterbrain is still working at full tilt; I left one of my bags at David’s house. I hung out with that overworked junior associate, went to the Mac store at 2:30am, kicked it at the Greenpoint open studio scene with Rufus, Calvin, Monica, and a bunch of Xalapa alums. Also went by to see Mike and Emily, who are doing exciting things, and last but definitely not least I met Tomas, son of Luis and Kathleen. He wa/is magical. Only upon returning home have my frustrations awakened. I am going to hate my couch for a long long time.

In case anyone cares (and people in NYC seemed to care), last week I was interviewed for WHYY (local affiliate of NPR) about the sticks in my head and how they were working out. Maiken Scott has been following one woman through the whole study, a woman with the horrific experience of it not working. She wanted to balance the coverage, since some of us are doing better, and Dr. O’Reardon suggested and invited me to speak for those doing better. Maiken Scott also did the interview, and she was lovely; I felt quite relaxed. I just hope I didn’t say anything too stupid. She’s emailing me to let me know when the piece will air. If I miss it, it will be posted to her story website on DBS.


Written by sticksinthehead

12 October 2010 at 8:50 am

Posted in "home", The Mind/Brain

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