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Election day following my trip to shrink prime

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After I left, I was riding home, and a car swerved too close to me, forcing me into a giant pothole and flat back tire. Thanks asshole. So I stopped for some groceries, then carried them and walked my bike home. Thought, hmmm, my TV doesn’t work as a TV. It might be nice to watch the returns. So I looked up “Drinking Liberally”, whose emails I had dumped so long ago, to see if there were a place to watch. Ah yes there was. So I turned up, following a long walk, got a seat and started to watch. But as I watched, my contempt for those around me bubbled into magma. It felt like walking into a high school reunion. Loud, self-congratulatory white people afflicted with serious cases of that generational rhetorical disease “like”. So fucking loud. I covered my ears. Didn’t work. I looked around and thought, “These people don’t look or sound like the activists I know. They’re not even watching the damn television.”

So I left. Before anything in PA had been called. But knowing that it was likely that the average intelligence of Delawareans would be proven to be higher than Pennsylvanians.


Written by sticksinthehead

3 November 2010 at 10:28 am

Posted in Politics

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