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So, my online course has begun, and I remain something of a basketcase about it. Each week we are given an essay topic; last week’s was “People have tended to join unions for reasons that would appear to be, from their own viewpoints, extremely logical.” Discuss the validity of this quotation fully. But the essays are meant to be 250-300 words. How could one possibly discuss the validity of anything fully in so few words? Part of my problem is clearly my background as a literary critic. I read that quotation, and want to spend at least 250 words unpacking it — what is the relationship between “from their own viewpoints” to “extremely logical”? One could make the argument that all decisions, from the viewpoints of their makers, are extremely logical to themselves. But that couldn’t be the question. The question is clearly a variation on the age-old question “Why do workers join unions?”. But that question also demands far more than 250 words.

Oh well, I’m hoping my instructor will help teach me how to do this, because my answer this week was closer to 400 words than anything else, and I thought it was crap.

I’m also discovering that the work demanded by this class is quite large, and my concentration is still not good. It’s going to be a rough ride…


Written by sticksinthehead

16 January 2011 at 4:56 pm

Posted in Labor, The Mind/Brain

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