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City cutbacks

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I hadn’t fully appreciated the extent of cutbacks to the libraries until today. First, I got lost trying to find the library. Well, not lost, but walked in the wrong direction. When I finally made it there, about 11am, it was closed. Doesn’t open until noon. A public library that doesn’t open until noon? That’s what you get living in a city trying desperately to avoid complete financial collapse. I waited around, met a really nice guy named Larry who’s a cook. When I finally got in, I had a moderately productive day reading about wage issues in collective bargaining and being puzzled my this week’s essay question. I hope against hope that the hours will be able to be extended during the summer, but I’m not at all hopeful. Near the end of my time in the library, I was furtively watching what was clearly a “big brother” interaction. The “big brother” was helping his “little brother” do his homework. He was doing a very good job. What was disheartening was hearing this boy say, “I hate reading. I hate writing. I hate math.” His big brother did his best to encourage him, but I felt I was bearing witness to the failure of our public schools (and also undoubtedly the results of a small childhood devoid of a parent’s reading to him). Anyway, I realized that my gut reaction, “but reading and writing are such fun!” was pretty useless, and had a hard time thinking of a good way to respond. Perhaps,”the more you read and write, the easier it gets, until one day it might even be fun”? Wow, powerless…


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16 February 2011 at 6:15 pm

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