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Yesterday was very busy, rather surprisingly. I had a lovely chat with Freddy Pompeii (of the 70’s Toronto breakout punk band Vilesome as well as a bunch of other bands). He has stories to tell… Also a nice fellow. I went home and had a long Skype with Krishna, who I am going to get to see in May!!! Then, to my great surprise and good fortune, one of the few Tower Hill rock stars (Nina!) got in touch with me and invited me to go to a show with her. After she finished work, she came over to my place, and then the lovely Emily Shaw arrived for the conference at which she is presenting a poster on her survey of Victorian books in the UI library system (also with a nod to Steampunk I believe). The three of us enjoyed a delicious supper at La Tacqueria Veracruz before heading to the show. Rather quickly after going in, I realized I had nothing left. I was exhausted in every possible way and just wanted to crawl into bed. Of course, having this feeling I was also wracked with guilt — Nina had made a remarkable overture, and here I was wanting to go home. For awhile I snuck off and hid in a corner of the bar (where I could sit down) and get up the courage to tell her I had to leave. Felt shite, in multiple ways.

Then I slept very late, and spent  much of the day feeling quite low. Guilt mostly I think, but also exhaustion.


Written by sticksinthehead

31 March 2011 at 5:09 pm

Posted in The Mind/Brain

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